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Today’s Tip: Make sure you hire a private investigator that is appropriate for your needs.

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Many people don’t realize that there are many different types of private investigators. There are civil investigators, criminal investigators, forensic investigators, investigators who specialize in family law and so on. There are even investigators who strictly do in-house investigations, like skiptracing, DMV searches and such.

Some investigators just do civil work, others just do criminal work (some do both, like us). Some agencies offer service of process, others don’t (we do). So you need to ensure that when you choose your investigator, you choose one who’s appropriate for YOUR case and YOUR needs.

Ask for references and do not neglect to check them. Just because there are references on a website, that doesn’t necessarily mean they were submitted by actual clients; they could be bogus testimonials. Checking references is the only way to be confident that the investigator you’re considering truly has satisfied clients.

Confirm that they’re licensed, bonded and insured. Not only does it speak to their credibility and professionalism, it is also a protection for you in the event that some illegal and/or fraudulent action should be committed by the agency.

Make sure they’re experienced; this goes back to checking those references, in a sense. You also want to be sure you’re not their first civil or criminal case.

Understand that investigators are somewhat limited in what information they can supply a client with. They can’t give you someone else’s date of birth, social security number, tag number, etc. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help you with your case. Have a conversation to establish that they’re going to be able give you the information you require.

Again, make sure you choose a private investigator who is able to handle your case. Your diligence in advance of hiring someone can save you time, money and headaches during and after your investigation.