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Private Investigators for Your Law Practice

When hiring private investigators for your law practice, be sure to:

  • Request annual copies of their Private Detective License(s), Bond and Liability Insurance
  • Verify insurance with their insurance company or request your company be added to their policy
  • Check county requirements for Detective License: minimal bond (usually $10,000) – does not cover you
    should the investigation go wrong or the investigator’s information turn out incorrect

Trial Preparation

Why should you consider hiring private investigators for your law practice?

Private Investigator:


  • Trained to find relevant facts fast
  • Real world facts for your legal setting
  • Fine-tuned investigations
  • A private investigator’s sole focus is on full investigations and background research
  • Trained to find existing laws as opposed to people and facts
  • Limited time to execute full investigations
  • Must adhere to strict ethical guidelines
  • Private investigators prepare trial exhibits including maps, enlarged photos, diagrams,
    overlays, jury instructions and other visual media
  • Prepare case chronology
  • Prepare reports and personal testimony as requested
  • Prepare alphabetical witness summary with name, address, telephone numbers, and
    short statement of relationship to case
  • Assist with large case management
  • Pick up and review records pursuant to subpoena Duces Tecum, court order or signed release
  • Full scope


  • Private investigators identify, locate, interview and evaluate credibility
  • Research background of victims, witnesses and experts
  • Identify, locate and interview case specific experts
  • Fully evaluate and analyze crime, arrest and/or accident scene for additional witnesses
  • Serve subpoenas and other legal documents
  • Safely transport witnesses, clients, experts and depositions to and from court
  • Procure written, tape recorded or video statements
  • Prepare declarations for witness signature and provide notarization and affidavits
  • Prepare and educate witnesses


  • Private investigators accurately chart diagrams, photographs, and evaluate crimes,
    arrests, vehicles and/or accident scene
  • Collect evidence completely
  • Maintain and transport evidence to court with proper chain of custody
  • Review evidence with experts and provide detailed reports
  • Review physical evidence at police deportment or DA’s office as law allows
  • Pick up and deliver Discovery


  • Private investigators research, review and evaluate public and court records including but not
    limited to: civil and criminal filings, real property, fictitious business statements, unsecured tax
    rolls, corporations, public filings, and other computer-related databases, social media, Internet
    reviews, blogs, message boards and chat room postings
  • Research, review and evaluate case-specific topics
  • Subpoena and pick up records pursuant to subpoena Duces Tecum, court order or signed release,
    and evaluate
  • Research and review records and organize for use by attorney including but not limited to: medical,
    employment, school, probation, military, prison, personal, business, criminal, civil, etc.


  • Private Investigators provide Workers’ Compensation surveillance
  • Auto Accident Victims research and surveillance
  • Slip-and-Fall victims research and surveillance
  • Accident locations or timing and light sequence
  • Photograph analysis


  • Private Investigators interview jurors
  • Investigate for possible jury misconduct
  • Conduct pre-sentence or penalty phase interview of witnesses,
    family and friends for mitigating or aggravating circumstances
  • Conduct post-trial investigations based on new evidence,
    ineffective assistance of counsel, factual new evidence, etc.

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