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Process Servers: Who You Choose Matters

Qualified process servers are aware that the U.S. Constitution grants all citizens the right to due process. In Mullane v. Central Hanover Bank & Trust Co., the Supreme Court echoed the importance of service of process:

“An elementary and fundamental requirement of due process in any proceeding which is to be accorded finality is notice reasonably calculated, under all the circumstances, to apprise interested parties of the pendency of the action and afford them an opportunity to present their objections.”

The Constitution cannot, however, guarantee that all process servers are created equal or that they all provide the same level of reliability, efficiency and professionalism. In fact, the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware do not mandate that process servers meet any special licensing requirements. Basically, anyone over the age of 18 can serve legal documents in those states.

What Does This Mean?

It means that when you hire process servers in PA, NJ or DE, you don’t really know whether they’re competent. Clearly, it’s important for businesses to have trust in their process servers. Therefore, select a firm that abides by the rules outlined in the laws of the state(s) in which they operate. How do you choose?

Not only should the process server you choose be trustworthy, they should also be local. When you perform a local search, search engines can display a number of process servers that aren’t actually local. In this Age of the Internet, outside operators (based out of just about anywhere) can rank for local search terms. But beware – dealing with non-local process servers could prove to be a major liability for your business. Why? Because process servers must deliver legal documents in person and have the recipient sign in person. What’s more, they must do this within a time-frame specified by state law. Process servers who are not local to you might not deliver your documents on time (or at all).

Why Choose Our Process Servers?

  • We have local process servers to handle your assignment, whether you’re in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware. In addition to our headquarters in Lansdale, PA, we have service locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Please check our Contact Us page for the most up-to-date information about our locations.
  • We offer a full range of investigative services, proudly licensed, bonded and insured in the states we serve (PA, NJ and DE).
  • Our clients range from major insurance companies and respected attorneys to a wide variety of businesses. See our Testimonials page for their feedback.
  • Not only are our clients satisfied with our reliable service, but Legal Intelligencer readers have also given us their approval by voting us in the top 3 Best Investigation Agency category every year since 2010.
  • We provide highly trained, experienced and reliable process servers. They are all professionals with skill-sets and qualifications beyond the service of process.
  • Providing fast, efficient service of process is our main concern. Proof is always furnished that we successfully served your legal documents.
  • We go the extra mile in not only being courteous to you, but also in being courteous to your recipients. This ensures that process of service gets carried out smoothly for those serving as well as those receiving.

So if you need locally-based, professional and reliable process servers to deliver important legal documents in a timely manner…look no further, you’ve found us!

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