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“Excellent, first class service.”

Andrew Abramson

Abramson Employment Law | Blue Bell, PA

“They succeed where others have failed.”

Patrick J. Sweeney, Esquire

Sweeney and Sheehan | Philadelphia, PA

“Harris Investigations gets results.”

Katherine Cole Douglas, Esquire

Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg LLC

“Fast, Reliable results. These investigators are very professional!”

Robert Morris, Esquire

Morris Wilson, P.C. | Philadelphia, PA

“The Investigators at Harris Investigations are fast and reliable. Their experienced staff gets results when you need them.”

Frank Gattuso, Esquire

Sweeney & Sheehan | Westmont, NJ

“Fast, Reliable, efficient, complete, excellent to work with!”

John Capek, Esquire

Gerson Capek & Voron | Philadelphia, PA

“Michele Harris and her associates are responsive and quality driven. I would highly recommend them!”

Anthony L. Maniscola

Retired, PA Turnpike Commission

“We are very satisfied with both the quality and promptness of the services offered by Harris Investigations, and we strongly recommend them.”

Jeffrey A Kroberger, Esquire

McLafferty & Kroberger PC | Glenside, PA

“I have retained Michele and her team on multiple occasions and each time my experience has been the same. A timely response with excellent results. I absolutely recommend Harris Investigations.”

Christopher T. Moyer, Esquire

Master Weinstein Schatz Moyer, P.C.

“I can always count on Harris Investigations; LLC to work in a prompt and efficient manner, even if I have a last minute project that needs to be done immediately, they are professional, courteous and make sure it is done correctly.”

Elizabeth Lippy, Esquire

Fairlie & Lippy, P.C. | North Wales, PA

“Harris Investigations has never let me down. When I need to get a job done and done expeditiously, I call them. Go-getters when doing our investigations and process service. Michele is our go-to when it comes to DMV records.”

Joseph P. Walsh, Esquire

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas | Montgomery County

“I give Harris Investigations an A+ in service, communication and dependability. Our law firm has used them for service of process and was pleased with their service. They offer competitive rates and get the job done on time. Highly recommended!!”

Michael L Saile, Jr., Esquire

Cordisco and Saile LLC

“In a relatively short time period, Michele and her staff have proven to be both very responsive and thorough. Harris Investigations should be considered a valuable resource for all security professionals.”

Jim Mulcahey

Directory of Security, Grocery Haulers, Inc.

“With the assistance of Harris Investigations, my case files have become even more comprehensive and solid. Their investigative insight is a vital asset to my investigative firm. They are always ready to commence a job immediately.”

Gary Willsch

At the Scene, Inc.

“I have used Harris Investigations on a few occasions and have always been more than happy with the quality and detail of the work performed, the turnaround time and the reasonable price. Good, fast and cheap is a mix that you rarely find.”

Neal Thakkar, Esquire

Sweeney & Sheehan | Westmont, NJ

“Michele Harris is the consummate professional. I would recommend Harris Investigations without reservation. Each and every time I retained Michele, she has returned excellent, professional results in a timely and thorough manner. An outstanding company.”

Matthew Wilkov, Esquire

Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, PC | Colmar, PA

“Michele is easy to work with, always responsible, efficient and cost effective. She shares her wealth of information and her team works each case as if it was their most important one. I recommend Harris Investigations, LLC. to my colleagues any chance I get.”

Bruce L. Castor, Jr., Esquire

Rogers & Associates, LLC | Ardmore, PA

“Harris Investigations got us some KICK-ASS seats to a Flyers game once! Sure, the Flyers didn’t win.. but you can’t blame Harris Investigations for THAT! The food was great! Lots of munchies and mini-cheese-steaks. (They even provided cookies and open bar!) Oh yeah, they do great work too!! I highly recommend them!!”

Steven G Leventhal, Esquire

Reger Rizzo & Darnall LLP

“Our office recently began using Harris Investigations for service of documents and for court filings. We frequently have emergency and last-minute filings and the response time has been fantastic. Documents are returned to us promptly and the fees are very reasonable! We will definitely continue using Harris Investigations for our courier needs.”

Charlene M. Healy, RP

Pace Registered Paralegal, Sattin and Ronca LLC | Blue Bell, PA

“I recently retained, Michele Harris and Harris Investigations to conduct a financial investigation in a very difficult domestic matter. Harris Investigations worked diligently and went above and beyond to obtain the difficult data. I wholeheartedly recommend Michele Harris and Harris Investigations, and welcome any inquires you may have.”

Marguerite M. Nocchi, Esquire

Nocchi Law | Lansdale, PA

I have used Harris Investigations since 2005 for investigations and service of process. They are amazingly fast, very service oriented and efficient. They accept documents via email and make the entire process very efficient and user friendly. Their rates are competitive, allowing me to keep costs down for clients. I highly recommend Harris Investigations for your private investigator and service needs.

Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton, Esquire

Hamilton Law Firm PC, Princeton, NJ

“I have used Harris Investigations, LLC for the past several years, even taking them with me to my current firm. No matter what the job, big or small, or what time we call, they always manage to provide us with the top notch work that we are looking for in an Investigation Agency and Process Serving Company. Being licensed in many states helps as well. Their fees are comparable to other vendors that we have utilized. I highly recommend them every chance I get. I think you will be very pleased with their customer service and work ethics.”

Daniel J. Clifford, Esquire

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas | Montgomery County, PA

“Responsive… reliable… timely… economical… I have used Michele as an investigator for more than twenty years and have always found her work to be exemplary, timely and cost effective. Michele and Harris Investigations, LLC provides the excellence of a large company and the personal service and response of a small company. I highly recommended them for all multi-state investigation services.”

Mark C. Labrum, Esquire

Fenningham, Dempster & Coval LLP | Trevose, PA

“The professionalism and the quality of work that is done by Harris Investigations is of such high class that I gladly refer my clients, friends, and family there to handle all of their investigative needs. The results and information that they produce on a constant and reliable basis enable my firm to move forward with the utmost confidence in their work and background investigation. Through the work performed by Harris Investigations, I am able to provide my clients with the peace of mind that only the best investigative services and legal representation can provide.”

Jason G. Donoghue, Esquire

Donoghue & Picker | Blue Bell, PA

“I learned about Michele Harris many years ago while at a law Firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because of her expertise in using the internet as a source of information, she quickly became the go-to person for locating witnesses, finding physical locations of individuals in order to effect services and conduct asset and background checks. I started my own firm in Arkansas and Texas in 2003. Although located thousands of miles away, Harris Investigations, LLC is used exclusively by the firm, because they are still the most prompt, efficient, resourceful and successful investigative firm we have found.”

Robert T. Veon, Esq.

Veon Law Firm, P.A.

“Michele and Harris Investigations is the go-to investigator we use at our firm. This is for a variety of reasons. First, Michele is very blunt about what you can expect from her: chances of success; estimated time; hard work; and estimated price. Michele delivers all of them. I think the first one is what really separates Michele from other investigators because her experience allows her to let me know off the bat what I am looking for is available. It is extremely helpful because it allows me to either a) have her focus on that subject or b) move on to other avenues. Michele’s speed is second to none. We have received detailed investigation reports, some exceeding 100 pages, of relevant information on targets within a 48 hour period; of course this is all summarized and highlighted by Michele. These return rates – along with the attention to detail – evidences Michele’s work ethic. Finally, Michele’s prices – and more importantly – her quotes, are what I have really come to appreciate. Time and time again her rates are not only reasonable, but if she is unsuccessful she doesn’t charge. There is a reason we refer to Michele as the ‘go-to person’ in our firm when we need something: you know what you are getting. And that is quality work in a timely manner at a reasonable rate.”

Ryan Jablonski, Esquire

Ostroff Injury Law, P.C. | Blue Bell, PA