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If you need documents, packages or other items delivered in your area – and you need it done somewhat quickly – a courier service can often be a better choice than the postal service. Courier services generally offer on-call pickup and delivery that beats the USPS when you need items delivered outside their traditional service times (and within a better time frame than they offer).

Hiring a dependable and trustworthy courier is as easy as 1 2 3!

One: Be sure to choose a reputable company. Depending on how many potential candidates there are in your particular area, you may want to ask around in your circles and see if anyone can offer recommendations. Referrals are almost always a better place to start than randomly picking someone out of the phone book or from Google search results. Call 3-4 hopefuls and inquire about about their fees as well as what insurance they have in place in case of theft or non-delivery for some other reason. Get to know them a little. Ultimately, you’ll want to select someone you feel comfortable with. Choose a vendor that gives you the impression you can trust them with your document or package.

Two: Email your document to the courier or arrange a pick up time for your article. Designate a delivery window, being as specific as possible. For instance, if it is essential that your package arrive no later than 8pm, be sure to convey this to your courier. These companies are accustomed to people requesting same day, overnight and rush delivery – don’t be afraid to ask!

Three: Receive email notification when your item has been delivered, quickly and securely.

Bonus: Knowing your courier request is being handled by a trusted full-service private investigations firm can offer additional peace of mind. Contact us today – we’re happy to help make sure your document, package or other item(s) reach a particular destination by a particular time!