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When people think of private investigators, they commonly think of surveillance and investigation on a personal or private level. But what can a private investigator do for your business? Plenty! Below is just a sampling of the ways a PI company can help your business.

Background Checks: In today’s environment, businesses of all sizes commonly require background checks. Whether pre-employment or annual, a PI can provide civil and criminal record searches, bankruptcy information, credit reports and driving records. Planning a merger or acquisition? A PI  can provide detailed background checks on the other company as well as its owners and partners.

Security Sweeps: Concerned for your employees’ safety? A private investigator can  conduct an evaluation of your building’s security and even perform spot checks to confirm that doors are locked.

Employee Monitoring: Need someone to observe employees to ensure they adhere to their route and/or they are not poaching your clients? Naturally, you’d want to hire a PI for that!

Secret Shops: Did you know a private investigator can call, visit or email your establishment to assure your employees are providing excellent customer service?

Surveillance: Want to verify that injured employees or employees on long term absence are legitimately injured or absent? Or perhaps keep an eye on active employees to make sure they are doing their job? Call on a PI!

Collections: Private investigators can assist in recovering bad debt (in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act rules and guidelines).

Repossessions: Assuming a legal order is in place, PIs can aid in the recovery of vehicles, equipment, etc.

Courier Service: Get support in transporting not just goods or packages, but even employees and clients from place to place.

Location Services: Missing a client or a witness? A private investigator can help you find them. They can also help you locate and vet experts.

Termination Services: No security staff? A PI can be present when an employee is fired and escort them off the property. They can accompany the individual home if necessary, and even secure any company information present at their residence.

Mobile Notary Services: What business doesn’t need a document notarized every now and then?

Most business owners don’t realize how widely they can utilize the services of a private investigations firm. But as you can clearly see, businesses certainly can benefit from partnering with a reputable, licensed and bonded PI outfit.