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Process Servers…Who You Choose Matters

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When searching for a reliable process server, it’s important to keep in mind that they are not all created equal. Many states do not require process servers to obtain a license (including the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where we are headquartered). So it’s important to consider reputation and experience when making a selection of who to trust with serving your legal documents. 

Another primary consideration is location. Dealing with a non-local process server can present a liability. After all, the process must be carried out in person, in a timely manner, as outlined by the law. 

Service of Process Protocols

Speaking of ‘as outlined by the law’… yes, there are rules we must follow. Unless the client directs otherwise, 3 attempts must be made – one before 8am, another between 9am and 5pm, and one after 6pm. There is no time after 6pm that we are not allowed to serve papers. Based on common courtesy, though, we generally don’t serve past 9pm. We leave a call tag after the 2nd and 3rd attempts, requesting that the residents call us ‘regarding an important matter’.

Papers cannot be served on Sundays if you have papers going to or coming from the following states:

• Florida (Florida Statutes §48.20)
• Maine (Maine Revised Statutes §705)
• Massachusetts (General Laws of Massachusetts Chapter 136, Sec. 8)
• Minnesota (Minnesota Statutes §624.04)
• New York (New York General Business Law §11)
• Rhode Island (General Laws of Rhode Island §9-5-24)
• South Dakota (South Dakota Codified Laws §1-5-2)
• Tennessee (Tennessee Code Annotated §20-2-105 and 106)
• Texas (Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 6)
• Virginia (Code of Virginia §8.01-289)
• West Virginia (West Virginia Code §56-3-16)

In addition to prohibiting service on Sundays, New York forbids the service of process on Saturday to anyone who observes Saturday as a holy day (New York General Business Law §13). Other states, such as Minnesota, also restrict service of process on holidays. To help keep our clients apprised of the progress on a service of process, we utilize software called Serve Manager. You get real-time updates (as long as there is cell service) after each attempt, as well as proper affidavits.

So…Why Choose Us?

Harris Investigations LLC not only provides reliable process servers, we are a full-service investigations agency. Based in Landsdale, PA (a borough in Montgomery County), we are currently licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. What’s more, we maintain multiple satellite locations in PA, NJ and DE. So chances are we’ve got a local process server to assist you.

We pride ourselves on adhering to the proper protocols to ensure valid service of process. Our clients include major insurance companies, distinguished attorneys and a variety of respected businesses (see Testimonials for their feedback). Readers of Legal Intelligencer gave our agency their approval by voting us Best Private Investigator in 2010 (not to mention the top 3 every year since). 

To get started, call us at (888) 484-9827 or email Michele Harris at Also, check out our Quick Guide to Service of Process Terms